Zia Firearms Training

Zia Firearms Training, headquartered in Cedar Crest near Albuquerque, New Mexico is a full service purveyor of small arms training. Yes, we can assist you classroomin obtaining the certification you need to successfully apply for your New Mexico Concealed Handgun Carry license. But that can just be the beginning. Beyond that, we can teach you real world shooting and gun handling skills. With skill at arms comes a confidence and peace of mind that most people never experience in a dangerous world.

Our Chief Instructor spent many years as a firearms trainer for the prestigious Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Having trained thousands of law enforcement professionals in basic through advanced skills with pistols, shotguns and patrol rifles he is one of the southwest’s foremost weapons trainers. Now retired from law enforcement he is available to share his experience and expertise with law abiding civilians.

Check our CLASSES section to see if what you’re interested in is currently scheduled. If it’s not, call us at (505) 249-5513. We frequently schedule special classes to meet expressed needs, and can put on classes for groups.

Discounts or reduced rates may be available for groups.

Classes Forming Now

We have a modest slate of classes on display, but if you are interested in a class or special instruction not currently scheduled, please let us know.  Much of our scheduling is based on demand, so give us a call.

Why train with Zia?

There are many instructors certified by the state of New Mexico to conduct Concealed Handgun Carry classes. Most of them are good people, gun enthusiasts and staunch supporters of your Second Amendment rights. But how many of them have ever been full time, professional weapons trainers? Can they really guide you in the acquisition of a first class skills set? Do they have those skills themselves? The answer is definitely "Yes!" if you train with ZFT.