What Training is Available?

Concealed Handgun Carry Class

This is a fifteen hour class that meets all New Mexico requirements for you to apply for a concealed handgun permit. Subjects include safe gun handling, safe storage, child safety, cleaning, shooting fundamentals, techniques for avoiding criminal attack, non-violent dispute resolution, laws relevant to firearms ownership, ways to develop and maintain shooting skills and a mandatory live fire demonstration of competency. The cost for the concealed handgun carry class is $150

Level I Handgun Skills

This is a one day class, conducted on the firing range. Level I only requires that the student have a basic familiarity with their firearm, a positive attitude toward safety and a sincere desire to learn. We’ll teach you what you need to know! Basic shooting and gun handling skills are taught and practiced in a safe and fun environment, and a student/instructor ratio is used that assures no student is left behind. You’ll receive plenty of patient, individual instruction.

Students need to provide their own handgun, holster gear, magazines or speed loaders, eye and hearing protection, and 200-300 rounds of ammunition. The class costs $125 and lunch is provided.

Level II Handgun Skills

This is a two day class, conducted on the firing range. The cost is $200, lunch included. Students need to provide their own gear as in Level I, and 400-600 rounds of ammunition. Students in a Level II class should have taken a Level I class or otherwise establish they have sufficient basic skills to keep up with the advanced shooting, reloading and gun handling skills that will be presented and practiced in the class.

Customized Courses of Instruction

Need to develop or brush up close quarters handgun skills? How about tactical rifle applications? Do you want to master the shotgun for home protection? Drawing from deep concealment? If you have need of specialized instruction, just let us know and we can work with you to give you exactly what you want at a reasonable price.

National Rifle Association Classes

I do not normally offer NRA classes without a request. However, if your group or gun club has specific needs we may be able to conduct a class for you. Available classes include Basic Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun, Home Firearms Safety, Personal Protection, etc. Additionally, as a NRA Training Counselor I can conduct instructor certification classes in those disciplines.

Private Security Contractor Training

If you run a private security company I can train you, or your personnel, to the level of expertise required for firearms certification by the New Mexico Private Investigators and Polygraph Board. If you and/or your personnel are already trained and merely need to qualify for record, we can conduct the qualification shoot and document your scores for submission to the state board.



Call or e-mail us to discuss what training will best meet your personal needs. We can advise you if we already have what you want scheduled, or contact you to discuss scheduling training that best addresses your needs. Remember, we frequently schedule "specials" to meet expressed needs. We also conduct personal, "one on one" classes, usually at our standard fee rates.